Introducing the current Exec Board!

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Danielle J Perry (DJ Perry)
Co-founder, co-coordinator, and President of MTC@BMC
B.A. Princeton University, M.A. Columbia University, Current PhD Candidate in Classical Studies

I study Roman History and like to spend my free time discussing diversity and society in pop culture. I’m also interested in the history of race and gender in Classics and I’m a big fan of Lizzo’s twitter.

Leah F. Bórquez
Co-founder, co-coordinator, and Vice President of MTC@BMC
Double Major in History with concentrations in Gender and sexuality, mental health and Iberian and ancient history and Classical Studies,
Major Representative for the department of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies, Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society
Class of 2020

Leah is currently a senior at Bryn Mawr College, studying History and Classics. Her primary research interests are ancient mental health, ancient Iberian culture, and Jewish history. Feel free to ask her about the Mountaintop Coalition, undergraduate research funding, cats, or for random historical facts that will never be useful in daily life.

Kristen Patterson
Treasurer and Classical Studies Graduate Student Liaison of MTC@BMC
B.A. Willamette University, and Current M.A. Candidate in Classical Studies

Kristen is the current treasurer. She is here to get your receipts reimbursed and to be an ally.

Yusi Liu 劉語絲
Co-Founder, co-coordinator, and Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Graduate Student Liaison of MTC@BMC
M.A. Candidate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology

Yusi is pursuing her M.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology. She received her B.A. in Classics and Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018. Her research interests include inter-cultural exchange between Greece and the (Near) East and the afterlife of classical art in contemporary art.

Alumni Founders:

Ana Alvarez Guzman
Co-founder and 2018/19 Co-coordinator of MTC @BMC
B.A. in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Bryn Mawr College, PhD Candidate in Art History and Archaeology, Columbia
Stavros Niarchos Foundation Scholarship for CUNY Summer Latin Institute, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Bryn Mawr College Community Honor Roll 2019, and Elizabeth Packard Art & Archaeology Internship Fund

Hi everyone!

I am a BMC Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology alum from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have participated in the Athienou Archaeological Project in Cyprus, studied abroad in Greece through College Year in Athens, and volunteered in the American School of Classical Studies at Athens in their Blegen Library, in the Athenian Agora Excavation Archives, and in the Agora Excavations Summer Volunteer Program. My Mellon Mays research project was titled “The Andalusian Courtyard: Architectural Legacies of Agricultural Exploitation and Empire in Southern Spain” and my research interests include the material culture of ancient Greece and Rome; Roman provincial archaeology; digital humanities and digital applications in archaeology; and the intersections between Andalusian domestic architecture and Roman villa architecture. I will begin as a PhD candidate in Columbia’s Art History and Archaeology program in the fall.

MTC was created to address the severe lack of diversity apparent in the field of classics (including classical archaeology) that I myself was able to observe throughout various professional experiences within my field. MTC is the beginning of a series of changes that need to be made at the undergraduate level in order to encourage more students from underrepresented backgrounds to pursue careers in classics, archaeology, art history, and philosophy through demonstrating that there is a place for students like us. MTC has inspired me to continue carving out such spaces whether in the field or in the classroom and to especially not second guess my own place in predominantly white fields of study.

Sashini Jayamani Kannan
Co-founder and 2018/19 Co-coordinator of MTC@BMC
B.A. in Classical Culture and Society and Psychology Minor in Russian
Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society
Founder of Old Church Slavonic Reading Group

I graduated in 2019 with a Classics major and am trying to figure out the rest of my life! I eventually want to go to graduate school for Classics so I plan to spend the next year taking more Greek. At some point in the near future, I will run away to Russia to escape reality/perfect my Russian!

MTC marked a turning point in my Classics career – I started Classics relatively late in my college career and “short, dark-skinned, Indian woman” is not the image of the “typical” classicist, so I always felt like I was not taken seriously by professors, others students, and the institution as a whole. MTC provided a space to share experiences and knowing that I was not alone in my feeling of inadequacy and exclusion completely changed my outlook and my ambitions.

Wynter Pohlenz Telles Douglas
Co-founder and 2018/19 Co-coordinator of MTC@BMC
B.A in Classical Languages from Bryn Mawr College, Mellon Mays Fellow, Eta Sigma Phi Honor Society, Bryn Mawr College Community Honor Roll 2019, 2019 Recipient of the Careers in Library & Information Science Fellowship and the Michigan Humanities Emerging Research Scholars Fellowship, Founder of the BMC National Prison Strike Solidarity Movement

Wynter Pohlenz Telles Douglas is originally from Flint Michigan. When not reading old books on even older books, Wynter devotes their time to book mending, fencing, and organizing protests and solidarity actions on issues such as the Prison Industrial Complex, and planning academic conferences and symposiums for students who are historically underrepresented within the fields of Classics, Archaeology, Philosophy, and History of Art as well as promoting systems of support and community for these students by co-founding and organizing the BMC branch of the Mountaintop Coalition. They plan on applying to classics PhD programs as well as MLIS programs this upcoming fall.